XNA National Airport Wayfinding Signage

Project Location: Highfill, AR

This project was an opportunity for XNA to upgrade and simplify the “customer experience” for patrons using the airport. The new Wayfinding Signage provided overhead signage with clarity of message and familiar icons to help patrons easily navigate the airport’s parking and roadway circulation. CEI utilized thematic signs and lettering consistent with “wayfinding signage” throughout Northwest Arkansas, producing a signage package that would create the “Welcome to NWA” feel for the airport as an entry point for the region, and also the “Welcome Home” for residents of the area. CEI coordinated heavily with airport staff and XNA Board for input, airport planners for consistency with the masterplan, and provided research and comparison with other airport wayfinding to provide the modern and informational overhead signage. The new overhead signage allowed the airport to eliminate over 50 ground mounted signs, creating a cleaner image and less confusion. CEI partnered with Nabholz for construction, fabrication and erection of the signage.

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