Over the past 40 years, CEI has completed more than 1,300 restaurant facilities throughout the U.S. We understand the fast-paced business model of quick-serve restaurants. Our aggressive style of developing the required documents and permitting with agencies across the country has made CEI a leader in QSR development.

We specialize in providing multi-site programs to national restaurant chains and franchises. Our design teams are experienced in quickly adapting to new locations—conveying confidence and competence to each municipality that we are familiar with their procedures and requirements while maintaining our client’s national brand and criteria.


Cracker Barrel



Specialty services include:
  • Site Investigation Report (SIR)
  • Conceptual Design
  • Coordination
  • Construction Documents
  • Permitting
  • Landscape
  • Communication

CEI will meet with and discuss the particulars of each site with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We then submit a full report and schedule to our client that states what is required to obtain approvals for construction.

Before beginning construction documents, we will work with you to produce conceptual site plans that ensure the site functions appropriately. Visibility, signage, and access (VSA) is a priority for all QSR developments during the conceptual phase.

Throughout the project, CEI coordinates with all consultants, including those providing survey, geotechnical, architectural, traffic, and environmental services.

CEI takes great pride in preparing construction documents. With decades of QSR experience, we understand the necessity of working with your brand standards while completing the documents per AHJ standards. Quality, value engineering, and ease of construction are our standards with every project.

CEI has a national reputation for our permitting and working with the AHJ to obtain approvals in a quick and efficient manner.

We understand the need for brand recognition, and landscape plays a large part in your customers’ perception of the development. Our landscape architects have created standards for several corporate QSR developments, and these standards serve as a guide for all of our developments. When AHJ requirements differ from our clients’ standards, we work with the client and AHJ to come to the best agreement for both.

We are very conscientious about communicating where your project stands with design and permitting. Some would say we overcommunicate. Our mission is to keep you updated as frequently and with as much information as you require.

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