SUP Flood Berm

Project Location: Alma, AR

In April 2011, Walmart Supercenter 358 in Alma, AR flooded and was closed for several days.  This was the second time this store experienced flooding issues.  Walmart contacted CEI to come up with a solution to stop the flooding problems, as the original CEC had closed its doors.  CEI quickly determined that even though the FEMA map did not indicate it, the store was within the 100-year floodplain limits.  To significantly reduce the potential for flooding, CEI designed a flood protection berm around the perimeter of the Walmart property and obtained both city and FEMA approval including a letter of map revision (LOMR).  Since stormwater runoff still had to be removed from the site, CEI also designed an above ground detention pond with a pump station to push the stormwater through the impenetrable flood berm. This project included disturbing USACE regulated wetlands, and within 6 months of submiting, CEI was able to obtain a Part 404 individual permit for the wetland impacts.

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Project Includes:
Civil Engineering
Land Surveying
Landscape Architecture
Retail Development