Perry Road

Project Location: Rogers, AR

The Perry Road project is located in Rogers, Arkansas, with CEI being the lead consulting engineer in charge of design. The primary work associated with the project was the reconstruction and widening of approximately 6,200 lf of roadway. The existing road was a two-lane facility with open shoulders and ditches. The new facility is primarily four lanes and utilizes new curb and gutter and an enclosed drainage system. Additionally, the project included the placement of approximately 9,300 sy of new concrete sidewalks/side paths; new box culverts and ditch excavation; streetlights and wiring along Perry Road; landscaping, seeding, and sod along Perry Road; new signing and pavement markings; Coordinated with RWU for waterline and sewer line relocation.
Key challenges associated with the project were coordinating with multiple franchise utility owners regarding necessary relocation efforts; coordinating with multiple property owners regarding special considerations and property acquisition efforts; coordination with FEMA regarding CLOMR/LOMR procedures for two previously unmapped tributaries; maintaining a minimum of two 10 ft travel lanes open during the course of construction; providing beautification (landscaping/lighting) treatments in limited spaces; and the leveling of several hills to meet vertical curve design criteria.

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