Momentary Parking Garage

Project Location: Bentonville, AR

The Momentary Parking Garage Project is located beside the new Modern Art Museum in Downtown Bentonville. This three-story parking garage provides the Momentary and 8th St Market District with approximately 400 parking spaces for current and future expansion needs. The garage was constructed with the anticipation of future multi-family residential structures being attached to the north and east sides after the garage is constructed. Strong communication skills, as well as an eye for planning, were essential while designing for two separate architects under this project – one for the parking garage and one for the future multi-family buildings. CEI was able to provide seamless project management for both projects. Detailed coordination was required for structural systems, power needs, drainage, grading, and access between the two facilities. The project also included automated payment systems for the garage. The project opened in 2022.

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