Downtown Water & Sewer Master Plan

Project Location: Rogers, AR

The City of Rogers and RWU selected CEI Engineering to complete a master plan for both water and sewer in the downtown region of the City of Rogers. CEI coordinated with Rogers Planning to evaluate growth estimates and development opportunities to identify potential growth of water distribution and wastewater collection demands in the downtown region. The design and analysis involved a multifaceted approach that included looking at the Downtown Rogers Regional Center as well as determining the proposed densification areas. Based on proposed densification areas, a capacity analysis on the existing and proposed water and sewer main lines was completed. Recommendations for water and sewer improvements were designed and broken down into several categories such as capacity purposes, minimum size requirements, replacing nonconforming material requirements, fire hydrant replacement, and sanitary sewer manhole replacement. These improvement projects will then be prioritized and delivered to the City of Rogers and RWU in a final report and recommendation. A cost analysis for the proposed improvements was also completed as part of this project.

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Project Includes:
Civil Engineering
Land Surveying
Public Works