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Radoslav ‘Rado’ Nedkov, PLA, CID, ASLA

Rado has more than 10 years of experience in commercial and residential land development. He has worked on projects ranging from one-acre commercial sites to large parks and recreational designs. His wisdom and training throughout his extensive history have enabled him to travel from coast to coast.

Rado finds every project that he’s involved in exciting due to his intense interest in the development of process and growth. He is well-known for his skills in client interaction and problem-solving, as well as having high expectations for his team. Rado believes that the combination of his leadership skills and the trust he has in his team members fosters a work ethic and crew with the knowledge to see a project through from start to finish with ease.

Whether it involves gaining permits through notoriously difficult jurisdictions or by solving design challenges for a particularly tricky site, Rado leads with dedication, persistence and loyalty to provide the best possible service to all clients.

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