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Kevin Hall, PS

It’s been said that surveying is the second-oldest profession in the world. I figure that is true. After all, mapping out and understanding the lay of the land has been the starting point for progress since humans started building things. It certainly was a starting point for me.

Now with more than 15 years of industry experience, I am a licensed surveyor in Arkansas. I manage CEI’s survey operations at our Bentonville and Dallas hubs. I am a member of the Arkansas Society of Professional Surveyors, and I have contributed to many projects and teams across the U.S.

I worked my way up from field specialist to Department Manager at CEI Engineering by working hard to build strong, collaborative relationships and creating partnering opportunities that ensure our clients have the resources they need no matter where they do business. I have watched CEI contribute to the thriving progress in Northwest Arkansas, and I am proud to have had a direct hand in building value and bringing growth to this community.

Like so many of our clients, I live, work, and play here. I raise my kids here, and I am excited about the future. With plans for renewable and sustainable energy projects (including solar and wind farms) in the works, we are committed to helping our clients and communities continue to flourish. It all starts with understanding the lay of the land, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

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