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Jacob Shy

Parks and trails improve the quality of life for families in a community, including mine.

My 15 years of hands-on experience as a designer and project manager at CEI, paired with BS in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arkansas has enabled me to be a significant contributor to the growth and success of a company I love. I am proud to have had an instrumental part of growing the intricate and extensive parks and trails systems in Northwest Arkansas. A user as well as a designer of more than 50 local hard surface trails and many parks and outdoor infrastructures, my team and I are pleased to be the go-to local experts on parks and trails.

Working with municipalities and public and private stakeholders, I pride myself on visualizing projects from a user’s perspective and managing plans that move them from rendering to reality.  Though not an engineer, I have received awards for Excellence in Engineering for my design of the Mercy Trailhead water quality improvement, and I have been recognized for my efforts in coordinating multi-city construction of the Razorback Greenway Tail.

Outgoing, energetic and a teacher at heart, I am passionate about sharing CEI’s mission and vision and supporting my team’s success collectively and individually.  I love seeing that “ah-ha” moment when an idea, concept, or vision “clicks” in the mind of my staff and clients, and I thrive on seeing others succeed.

Jacob has over 15 years of experience in the local market, public and private, and has worked on all sizes of projects from small parks and airport hangers to large multi-tenant commercial buildings and big box stores. Jacob’s main responsibilities include Project and Design Management for the Local Development Parks and Trails Team.

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